Metal Pipe with 2" Plastic Stem, Assorted

By: Pat's Pipes

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Long Plastic Stem on this 3.25" Pipe

Each of these pipes are made with a metal bowl and mouthpiece joined by a plastic chamber for the smoke to travel through. The bowl is unfiltered but comes with a smoke-through cap to contain your herbs yet allow a flame inside to easily light and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

With the extended neck on this pipe you get cooler smoke and a smoother resulting draw.

Available in Assorted Colors

The colored stem on this pipe is available in assorted colors such as Green, Blue, and Pink, as pictured above. Most are see-through, but there is also a Black which is completely opaque. Each order will receive a random color.

Other Length Stems Available

This pipe features a long 2" stem; we also carry a short 1" stem  and another pipe with a medium-sized 1.5" stem. Find the one that best suits you by following these links: