Packwraps Sweet Flavored Hemp Wraps

By: Packwoods

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  • 2 slow-burning, smooth tasting, "tobacco inspired" hemp wraps per pack. 
  • Complete rolling kit! Includes glass filter, storage tray, and Pro Packer XL packing tube. 
  • Tobacco taste with a subtle sweetness. 
  • Packwoods x Twisted Hemp collab creation. 
  • 10-piece display available. 

Have you tried Packwraps yet? These "tobacco inspired" hemp wraps are 100% tobacco free, yet taste, burn, and smell like a traditional tobacco leaf!

Packwoods is the most popular name for pre-rolls in California. They've teamed up with Twisted Hemp to bring an immensely popular hemp wrap to the market, and we have them at the lowest price online!

These Packwraps Sweet Flavored Hemp Wraps have a subtle hint of sweetness to make them even more delicious.

But these are more than just wraps! Every packet includes everything you need to roll and create THE BEST pre-roll of your life! Every packet includes:

  • 2 tobacco-inspired hemp wraps,
  • 1 Blunt Roller & packer, the Pro Packer XL,
  • 1 Reusable glass filter tip,
  • 1 Blister Package / Storage Tray / Herb Catcher,
  • 1 Unique Foil to be used as a Rolling Tray.

Use the easy-to-follow instructions on every pack to roll the perfect blunt. Impress your friends, amaze yourself, and enjoy some of the most famous blunt wraps from the west coast. Roll with Packwraps and roll with the best!

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