Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong

By: Puffco

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  • Puffco's first water pipe. 
  • Bong disguised as a common water bottle. 
  • Made from BPA-free impact-resistant plastic. 

When you have a discreet water bottle bong strapped to your side, you'll be enjoying tokes in broad daylight anywhere you go!

The Puffco Budsy is a water bottle unlike any you've ever experienced. To the eyes of passers-by, the Budsy is shaped like an ordinary 32 ounce Nalgene water bottle. Unscrew the cap, and you'll find a mouthpiece. When you flip the mouthpiece open, though, the true nature of the Budsy reveals itself. The mouthpiece conceals a hidden ceramic bowl, keeping it securely stored and keeping any herb you have inside safe too.

When you're ready to use the Budsy, just move its ceramic bowl into place and light it up. Smoke travels down to a custom-designed inline percolator and provides perfectly filtered smoke when the Budsy has 420 ml of water inside.

Hot on the heels of the Cupsy, Puffco's coffee-cup disguised bong, is the Budsy, a discreet water pipe built around the portability and inconspicuousness of a water bottle. Surprise and amaze all your friends when you pass this one-of-a-kind water bottle bong around, and tell all your friends to get one too!

Budsy Instructions


  1. Remove cap and fill with water to indicated fill line (420 ml).
  2. Ensure cap is fastened tightly onto the bottle before use.


  1. Flip open mouthpiece and remove the bowl from the storage location.
  2. Place bowl onto the air hole and fill, then spark up.

Storage / Cleaning

  1. Place bowl back into storage location and close mouthpiece. Ensure the bowl handle is covering the air hole.
  2. Screw on the bottle lid and fasten tightly. Store upright to reduce the risk of leaking.
  3. Maintain the Budsy by cleaning all components with asopropyl alcohol periodically.
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