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  • Flagship product of Puffco's new Desert color collection. 
  • Everything you need to enjoy smoking right away, including the Proxy Base Unit and glass pipe housing. 
  • 3D Chamber for quick, even, smart heating. 

The Puffco Proxy changed the way smoking was enjoyed on-the-go. Now, expand your collection with the Puffco Proxy Desert Kit, the beginning of a new collection of colors available for the Proxy.

The centerpiece of the Puffco Proxy Desert Kit is the Proxy Base Unit and glass pipe housing, both colored in natural brown with champagne accents.

Inside of the Proxy Base Unit is Puffco's innovative Proxy 3D Chamber, a smart atomizer that can not only maintain your selected temperature, but efficiently vaporize material by heating from the sides, only vaporizing concentrates while you're inhaling.

Even better, the base unit is compact, making the Puffco Proxy fully modular and compatible with other Proxy Collection housings. The Proxy Desert Kit comes with a glass pipe, but we also carry a Sherlock bubbler, the Puffco Proxy Bub, and an upright bubbler bong, the Proxy Droplet, and more! Be sure to browse our Puffco brand page for a complete assortment and more accessories.

The Puffco Proxy Desert Kit includes a travel box which stores the base unit, glass pipe, carb cap, and cleaning supplies.

Whether you're interested in entering the world of the Proxy or looking to expand the colors you already have, the Puffco Proxy Desert Kit is the best entry to Puffco's best portable concentrate vaporizer.

The Puffco Proxy is a compact vaporizer for cannabis concentrates that puts top-tier technology and unmatched versatility in the palm of your hand. With its single-button interface and 3D Chamber, exploring the magic of hash has never been easier. It begins with the Proxy Kit.

With the Proxy Collection of pieces and accessories making possible a wide variety of hash experiences, the Proxy is designed to grow with you.



Soft, neutral tones. Clean lines. Champagne accents. If black isn’t your color, Proxy Desert gives you more options to express – and enjoy – yourself.

Mix & match or go with an all-Desert look – whatever your path, the Proxy Desert Collection opens even more doors to incredible hash experiences.

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