Puffco Proxy Travel Pack - Black

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Take your Puffco Proxy on-the-go with the Puffco Proxy Travel Pack in Black. Combining scratch protection, storage, and a flat surface on the bottom to bring you peace of mind to enjoy your Puffco Proxy anywhere you go.

Proxy Travel Pack Key Features

  • Elegant Black Aesthetics: Black goes with everything. Mix-and-match it with your favorite Puffco Proxy to create a look that's all your own.
  • Easy to Use: A simple sleeve to slip your Puffco Proxy, the Proxy Travel Pack is easy to enjoy. The large base covering has a little pocket to hold accessories, and the silicone mouthpiece protects the end from dirt.
  • Enhanced Functionality: The Puffco Proxy Travel Pack in Black includes a Proxy Ball Cap - Black so you can get even more from your extracts. The Proxy Ball Cap is designed to be rotated as you inhale, allowing you to move airflow around the 3D Chamber. The result? More consistent heating, giving you better flavor and bigger clouds.
  • Puffco Excellence: Puffco's dedication to quality shines through in the Proxy Travel Pack. It's built to last, guaranteeing that your Proxy retains its peak performance.

Perfection in Proxy Portability

The Puffco Proxy Travel Pack in Black is the ideal companion for those who refuse to compromise on their concentrate experience, whether at home or on the go. This accessory not only enhances your dabbing experience but also adds a stylish touch to your setup while adding peace of mind knowing your Proxy is protected.

Get Yours Today and Travel in Style

Seize the opportunity to combine portability with luxury by adorning your Puffco Proxy with the Black Travel Pack. Elevate your dabbing sessions and express your unique style wherever you wander. Shop now and discover the ultimate fusion of performance, style, and portability with Puffco.

Proxy Travel Pack Contents

  • Backpack
  • Mouthpiece
  • Ball Cap
  • Chamber Carb Cap & Tether

*Proxy Base Unit not included.

The Proxy Travel Pack makes it easy to indulge on the go, adding scratch protection, a flat surface on the bottom, and storage for anything you might need.


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