Randy's Chill Replacement Glass Freezable Tube

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Randy's Chill is the world's premier freezable-tube vape, delivering a smooth draw with its chilled chamber. This hand-blown glass freezable tube is a replacement or supplement piece for the Chill, in case you need another one besides the one that come standard with the vaporizer.

The Freezable Tube can be chilled in a fridge or freezer to cool vapors and smokes drawn from your Randy's Chill. Express your style with a Randy's Chill Freezable Tube.

  • Think of it as an ice catch for your vaporizer!
  • Freeze one of your freezable tubes while you use the other
  • Hand-blown glass.

To freeze the tube, store in fridge or freezer for 1 hour. Store upright.

The freezable tube is filled with a nontoxic solution. If your tube ever cracks, make sure to discard and replace. Do not put a cracked or broken tube into the Chill. Do not ingest. If the solution comes into contact with your skin, wash with warm water and soap.

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