RAW 20 Foot Hemp Wick


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  • 20 feet / 6 meters of all natural hemp & beeswax wick. 
  • Made from sustainable, natural materials without chemicals or additives. 
  • Healthy alternative to lighters and matches. 
  • 20-bundle Display Box Available. 

Stop lighting your smokes with butane and sulfides! Light your blunts with the more natural solution: Raw Hemp Wicks

Made from 100% organic, natural hemp and beeswax (and that's it, only 2 ingredients), Hemp Wicks offer a healthy way to light your smokes with a pure flame. Just pull the wick from the center, light it, and use the wick to light anything from candles to cigarettes to your stove! Tilt the wick to control the size of the flame.

This 20 foot roll offers months of use. Take it in the car, out camping, or keep it at home with your stash. Count on Raw's natural Hemp Wick to help light up your world.

RAW Hemp Wick, the natural alternative to butane lighters and sulfur matches, in an extra-large bundle! Hemp is a naturally resilient (and truly amazing) plant that it does not require any pesticides or herbicides to grow healthy and strong! Our hemp farmers grow in small batches on small terraces in Europe, and our beeswax comes from a small bee apiary managed by the President of the Polish Association of Beekeepers.

Instructions: Light end, tilt up or down to control flame, light your RAW Rolling Paper!