RAW Cone Bro Glass Tip

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Combine the purity and smoothness of glass with the best papers in the world. If you're looking for the best glass tip, look no farther. The Raw Cone Bro is a glass tip that goes on the outside of a cone instead of the inside and works with both pre-rolled cones and hand rolled cigarettes. With the Raw Cone Bro you don't even have to worry about rolling a glass filter into your cone: you simply slide the rolled cone or cigarette in and enjoy.

The inside of this glass piece is etched to provide a friction grip and keep your rolled blunt held in place. By contrast, the outside is smooth glass imprinted with the Raw logo and featuring two small glass dots which act as roll stops and can prop your custom rolled cone up and off of any surface. The Cone Bro stands .875" tall and just over a half-inch across.

A pre-rolled cone fits right into the glass tip so you can just roll and enjoy.

30 Piece Display Jar Available

We have Raw wholesale deals for our Wholesale customers. Buy 30 of these Raw Cone Bros and get a Raw glass tips jar filled with all 30 Cone Bros for your counter and storefront.