RAW Double Barrel 1 1/4 Cone Holder


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  • Fits 1 1/4 Cones and Rolled Joints
  • Enjoy Two Blends at Once!
  • Natural, Sustainably Harvested Wood

Sometimes one just isn't enough. Whether you want twice the smoke or want to experience two flavors combining into one, The RAW Double Barrel is here to save the day! This unique double cigarette holder was originally planned for a limited release, but it was such a popular innovation that it's now a mainstay. The Raw Double Barrel wooden cigarette holder holds two smokes at one time, giving you a double cigarette holder that is as functional as it is aesthetic.

As with all of Raw's products, the Raw Double Barrel is made from natural ingredients, crafted from sustainable Brown Knotwood in the Pearl Valley of Fujian, China. No two holders are the same due to the natural color and growth pattern of the wood.

Each Double Barrel comes boxed with a cool sticker to slap on your bags or books, and a burlap sack containing your new, fresh Raw Double Barrel. The Double Barrel itself is a cool, small, wooden cigarette holder that fits naturally between your fingers like other short, cocktail length cigarette holders. The holder itself measures about 2.25" long and a half inch wide for each cigarette it holds, 1" wide in this case. Engraved in the top is the Raw logo and #rawdoublebarrel is on the back.

Built for Specific Sizes

Raw Double Barrel is crafted with specific paper sizes in mind. This holder that we offer is designed for 1 1/4 size papers and pre-rolled cones. If you're interested in getting a larger sized holder, such as a King size double joint holder, let us know! We are one of Raw's few trusted partners, and we are always on the lookout for cool, new products to offer.