RAW Mix Rolling Tray, Large


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  • Large Size Tray: 14" long, 11" wide, 1.25" deep
  • Colorful Graphic of Assorted Raw Products
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Rounded Edges so Nothing Gets Lost

A good rolling tray is a Roll Your Own enthusiast's best friend, and trays don't come any better than the ones from Raw.

Perfect for any joint roller, the Raw Mix Rolling Tray is covered with Raw products for a fun, colorful tray which any Raw fan will love. This large size tray measures an impressive 14" x 11" with edges that rise more than 1" tall to keep your herbs and flowers contained, making this an excellent lap tray while still being portable. The rolled edges and corners ensure no material gets trapped or lost in the corners as it would on lesser trays.

For all of your friends who are Raw fans, or if you need a new tray for your rolling, grab a Raw Mix Rolling Tray today!

The RAW Mix Rolling Tray is definitely one of our favorites because it shows so many of our beautiful RAW creations! We are always taking things to the next level and this tray gives us a chance to show off some of our favorites.

Josh Kesselman