RAW Natural Acacia Wood Rolling Tray


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  • 11" x 7" tray. 
  • Rounded edges so nothing gets trapped.
  • Organic, sustainable Acacia wood rolling tray. 
  • Naturally water resistant. 

Being purely natural is what makes RAW so awesome. Now, beyond the natural fibers in their rolling papers and their purely organic outlook, that philosophy extends to their rolling trays!

The RAW Natural Acacia Wood Rolling Tray is 100% sustainably grown, natural Acacia wood without any chemicals or finishing oils. Acacia wood is naturally water resistant and contains enough natural oils to provide a smooth, non-stick rolling surface.

Just like other RAW rolling trays, the edges of this tray are rolled and rounded so nothing gets trapped.

Because these trays are made from natural wood, each one will be slightly different and more awesome than the last. The picture above doesn't do it justice! Each tray is wrapped in a burlap sack for storage.

This is a genuine RAW tray made from naturally water resistant Acacia wood. The Acacia tree is very important to RAW because we sue its natural sap for our rolling paper gum.

The acacia tree is extremely eco-friendly as it can grow up to an inch per day and can grow in a variety of climates. While the Acacia tree we use for our gum is a slow growing variety in Africa, the Acacia in more tropical climates is much faster growing and has a dense natural oil content that makes it perfect for use as a washable rolling tray.
Please only hand-wash with natural gentle soap and water :)

Did you know that we have sponsored planting of over 100,000 trees as part of our reforestation efforts?
Read more at www.rawfoundation.com

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