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Between tobacco, herbs, flowers, and whatever else you may want to smoke, sometimes you need more than one at a time! If you're looking for a solution to enjoying multiple smokes at once, look no further: enjoy three at once with Raw's Trident, the triple cigarette holder!

Designed to hold up to three rolled smokes, the RAW Trident lets you enjoy the best of three worlds at once! Just slide your cigarettes into the three joint holes at the top and take a draw! But you've got other options with this cigarette holder too: insert two cigarettes and use the remaining hole as a carb for the perfect airflow.

Great for parties, and even better for enjoying the best of your blends, grab a Raw Trident today!

Here's what Raw says about their Trident:

The Raw Wooden Trident holds THREE hand rolls or pre-rolled cones at once but still provides a balanced and even draw. It brings your smoking experience to LEVEL 3! Ideal for parties or sharing with friends, just remember: sharing is caring!
All RAW Wooden Holders are handmade from sustainable woods. No two holders are the same due to the natural color and growth patterns of the wood. The Trident was designed to look like the inside of a peace sign!

Made from Sustainable Brown Knotwood

The RAW Trident cigarette holder is hand made from Sustainable Brown Knotwood in the Pearl Valley of Fujian China. No two holders are the same due to the natural color and growth patterns of the wood.

Included in the Box

Every Raw Trident comes boxed with:

  • The Raw Trident
  • A burlap sack for storage and transport
  • One Raw sticker, to show you love!

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