Silicone Cigarette Holder Ring


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Hands-Free Cigarette Holder Ring

You only have two hands, why occupy one with merely holding a cigarette? This handy Cigarette Holder Ring will take that cigarette out from between your fingers and hold it neatly away from your hand. The durable silicone construction will keep a solid grip on any size cigarette thanks to its intuitive clip design, and is flexible enough to fit around almost any finger size.

The silicone construction can withstand higher temps than a cigarette could ever reach, so let it burn as long as you can handle and know the ring will stay perfectly intact. For an easy cleanup simply rinse with water or, if you feel it really needs it, throw it in the dishwasher.

50 Piece Display Tub Available

This Silicone Cigarette Holder Ring is available in a 50 piece tub display with a variety of colors and one size fits most.