Three Flame Pocket Torch Lighter with Flip Top

By: Victory Torch

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  • 3.25" Tall
  • Wind Resistant Flame
  • Top Automatically Flips Open When Firing
  • Available in Assorted Colors
  • 12 Piece Display Available

The power of a torch right in your pocket! These Triple Torch Lighters offer wind-resistant, adjustable flames for anything you need to light or melt.

The top features a flip-open lid that locks either closed or open, and the flames are controlled by a button on the back. Every torch comes pre-filled with a suitable amount of butane, and at the bottom is a port for the chamber to be refilled with more butane.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Three Flame Pocket Torch Lighters are available in four colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Blue. The pictures above do not reflect our current selection. Each order will receive a random color.

12-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase quantities of 12 to receive them all within a closed display box with foam padding, ready to be opened and sold within your store.

Each display box contains 3 each of Green, Yellow, Orange, and Blue.

Display Box Quantity: