Lookah Unicorn Mini Portable E-Rig

By: Lookah Glass

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  • Amazing portable e-rig. 
  • 950 mAh battery - Powers through over 100 sessions. 
  • Magnetic connections let you access the atomizer dish fast. 
  • 710 quartz coil provides massive clouds with fast heating. 
  • Variable voltage from 3.5 V - 3.9 V. 

Have you ever wished those expensive, "portable" e-rigs, like the Puffco Peak or SOC Peak, were slimmer and more portable? Lookah's Unicorn Mini E-Rig is here to answer that wish!

The Unicorn Mini may stand 6.5" tall, but it is only 1.5" wide at the base! You could practically slip this thing into your pocket it's so petite.

But don't let its size fool you: the Lookah Unicorn Mini is powered by a 950 mAh battery which can last through about 100 sessions! It also offers 3 voltage settings so you can find the best balance between flavor and cloud size.

A magnetic connector attaches the top bubbler to the base. Removing it reveals the 710-threaded quartz coil, making loading the Unicorn Mini very easy. The quartz dish has fritted quartz inside to quickly and efficiently heat your dabs. Its 710 thread is larger than the standard 510 thread, which means more power and faster heating.

The glass bubbler chamber at the top can be filled with water to filter your dabs, cooling and enhancing their flavor. The Unicorn Mini includes a silicone stopper to add to its portability.

It's every dabber's dream to have an amazing portable rig, something to provide massive clouds in a small package, and nothing compares to the Unicorn Mini. It's slim enough to fit in a pocket; it lasts for 100 dabs; it has a full bubbler chamber; and, best of all, it's under $100. How can you top that?

The Unicorn Mini is one of the most portable electric dab rigs available today. Its compact size and affordability make it one of the best electric dab rigs for under $100.

This mini erig is the best travel companion for water-filtered rips. Take it to the park, a hike in the countryside, a day trip to the beach, or wherever your next adventure takes you, and elevate the experience with a silky smooth dab.

Lookah Glass

Included with the Lookah Unicorn Mini

  • 1x Unicorn Mini
  • 2x 710 Quartz Coil Type B
  • 1x Silicone Mouthpiece
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Warranty Card

How to Use your Lookah Unicorn Mini

Open the magnetic cap and put wax into the coil chamber. Never operate the Unicorn Mini without wax in the coil chamber.

Powering On

  1. Continuously press the button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn on the Unicorn Mini.


The device starts automatically preheating after startup and the indicator light will flash green, blue, and white for 8 seconds. After preheating, the device will default to the Mode 1 (Low): Green setting.

Changing Voltage

Press the button 2 times quickly to change the voltage, cycling between three settings:

  • Mode 1 (Low): Green - 3.5 V; 
  • Mode 2 (Mid): Blue - 3.7 V; 
  • Mode 3 (High): White - 3.9 V. 

Manual Mode

Press and hold the power button to begin vaporizing your dab at the current setting.

Continue to hold the power button for up to 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the device will stop heating. The light will flash 3 times and it will enter standby.

Power Off

Press the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn off the device. The indicator light will flash white 3 times.

The Unicorn Mini will automatically turn off after 5 minutes if it is not used.

Caution: It can damage the atomizer coil or the device if it is used without wax in the atomizer coil.

Understanding the Unicorn Mini's Alarm Indications

  • The indicator light flashes red 5 times with vibration: Low battery. Please charge the Unicorn Mini.
  • The indicator light flashes purple 5 times with vibration: High-Temperature Protection. Allow the Unicorn Mini to cool down before attempting to use it again. 
  • The indicator light flashes yellow 5 times with vibration: Open Circuit. Please change the atomizer. 
  • The indicator light flashes yellow 8 times with vibration: Output Short-Circuit. Please check the atomizer. 

Charging the Lookah Unicorn Mini

    • When charging, the indicator light will illuminate red.
    • When fully charged, the indicator light changes to green.

CAUTION: The recommended charging input voltage is 5 V. Do not use a charger with a higher voltage. Higher voltages risk permanently damaging the Lookah Unicorn Mini.


  • The Unicorn Mini is a high-temperature product. It is normal that the housing becomes moderately heated during use. 
  • If the housing gets too hot to touch by hand during use, please turn off to cool down. 
  • Continuous use may trigger over-heat protection system to force the device to stop working until the temperature falls to a safe range. 

Lookah Unicorn Mini Features

  • Replaceable and multiple coices of atomizing coil. 
  • Three pre-set temperature settings to meet different needs. 
  • Easy to use with magnetic bubbler connection. 
  • Universal 12mm thread connection matches a variety of filters. 
  • Hidden dab tool. 
  • Battery capacity: 950 mAh. 
  • Charging current: 250 mAh
  • Charging input voltage: 5 V

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Battery mAh:
950 mAh
Connection Type:
710 Thread
Voltage Range:
3.5 V - 3.9 V
Charging Input Voltage:
5 V